At MTMS, we love our jobs!

“Ary said she really enjoyed her 1st piano lesson and especially said she enjoyed her Teacher… Thanks for everything you do.” – Joe S.

Our Mission

At MTMS, we strive to instill a lifelong love of music performance in all our students. We do this by catering to the individual music education needs of each student and teaching with an enthusiasm that demonstrates our own lifelong love of music performance.





Preference is given to candidates with music education degrees and the ability to teach a variety of instruments at the beginner or intermediate level (at least two high-demand instruments: piano, guitar, voice, violin, drums) in addition to at least one advanced specialty.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Studio instructor teaching private music lessons and classes in music and the arts, and/or providing band, choir, and/or ensemble coaching/direction. Specific duties depend on qualifications and experience as well as customer demand.


  • A degree in music, music education, or related, and/or
  • At least three years’ experience as a professional music educator and/or
  • Status as a current university student working toward a degree in music, music education, or related, and
  • MTMS Teaching Certification, as follows:
    • Pass one-time written exam in music theory, and
    • Pass one-time practical tests to demonstrate proficiency in subjects taught.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY: Demonstrated development of students’ musical skills and aptitude over time.


  1. Availability
  2. Reliability and Punctuality
  3. Initiative
  4. Communication
  5. Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork

When the goals and vision of employees align with the goals and vision of the company, then the company is more likely to succeed. Success means job security, compensation improvements, and happy, stress-free employment for all of us! Employees who go above and beyond to help the company achieve its goals and vision will be recognized. Each employee will receive an annual performance evaluation from his or her manager once per year.

Employment as a music instructor for Michelle Tuesday Music School (MTMS) requires:

  • A degree in music (or related), or
  • At least three years experience as a professional musician or music educator, or
  • Status as a current university student working toward a degree in music (or related), and
  • MTMS Teaching Certification.

MTMS Teaching Certification requires:

  • Pass a one-time written exam in music theory, and
  • Pass one-time practical tests to demonstrate proficiency in subjects taught.

Ideal candidates for the music instructor position at Michelle Tuesday Music School will demonstrate interpersonal skills, good communication, strong rapport with children, technical music knowledge, practical music knowledge, leadership, integrity, passion for music, dependability, teamwork, and organization and planning skills.


Position description coming soon.


The Receptionist at Michelle Tuesday Music School (MTMS) is responsible for scheduling students, providing friendly and helpful customer service, light cleaning and organizing of the reception and lobby spaces, and clerical duties. Part-time opportunities for evening and daytime hours in our Gahanna and Polaris locations

Entry level position; weekly evening hours 4 – 9 two to five days per week; subbing opportunities when other receptionists are unable to work; starting pay $9.00 with opportunities for incremental raises based on performance.

Employment as Receptionist for MTMS requires good phone, customer service, multitasking and problem solving skills, as well as basic computer literacy. Experience with Google Drive and QuickBooks Online are a plus.

• Schedule lessons, classes, and computer lab according to teacher and facility availability.
• Greet students by name as they arrive and say goodbye as they leave.
• Perform administrative functions such as printing and photocopying for teachers and preparing nametags for class students.
• Assist teachers, lab attendants, and other employees with the smooth operation of the school during lesson times.
• Maintain calendar, website, Facebook, informational postings in the lobby, and other client information on a regular basis.
• Assist with planning of recitals and events, and help prepare related programs and marketing materials.
• Treat clients, students, and employees with respect, courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness.
• Take payments and perform accounts payable, accounts receivable, and bookkeeping functions as required.
• Meet daily with manager to discuss priorities of the day.
• Assist in the upkeep of the MTMS facility.
• Make process improvement suggestions whenever feasible.





For consideration, please submit your resume (please include your NAME in the FILE NAME) to and/or complete the following online employment application.

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